A Poets Journey

A Poets Journey by Hwaen Ch’uqi

Commissioned by Victor Elmaleh for Kimball Gallagher to be Premiered in Lima, Peru, A Poet’s Journey, is a 7 movement travelogue, each movement representing a different country and together tracing movements around the globe inspired by countries of the 88 Concert Tour.  Read More…

The work begins and ends in Hwaen Ch’uqi’s native Peru.

I. Peru: Tawantinsuyu: Farewell, Beloved of My Soul

II. Italy: In memorium Domenico Scarlatti

III. Vietnam: Dirge for the Sisters Trung

IV. France: Valse Sentimentale

V. India: Love Duet

VI. Germany: Sehnsucht

VII. Peru: Tawantinsuyu: Threnody On the Death of Inti’s Land

Premiere TBA Lima, Peru 2015