The 88 Concert Tour

Pianist and composer Kimball Gallagher is deepening and redefining audiences’ engagement with classical music and connecting people across cultures around the world. Through his ground-breaking 88 Concert Tour, which began in Carnegie Hall in 2008, and taking him through every continent on the planet, Mr. Gallagher has touched the hearts of thousands of people with his extraordinary vision, music and playing. The concerts were so successful, including a series in which he reached over 15,000 school children in Taiwan, the tour grew from a projected 88 performances to over 325. Coming full circle, this gifted and passionate ambassador of the arts and humanities will return to Carnegie Hall on April 13, 2015 to conclude his tour performing masterworks of Chopin, Liszt, as well as his own Preludes, a kind of travelogue in sound, and continuing his goal of reaching out to the people of the world, from India to Peru, from Taiwan to Tibet, from New York to New Mexico, to celebrate the spirit of creativity, beauty and peace through art.

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