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Haydn Sonata Hob. 31

When I was 11, I wanted to perform the 3rd mvt of this sonata. My father, who was my teacher at the time would only let me play it if I practiced 2 hours a day every day. That was a big deal for me.

Haydn Movement I PLAY
Haydn Movement II PLAY
Haydn Movement III PLAY


Bartok Concerto No. 3

Bartok leaving just a few bars of orchestration unfinished. 2nd mvt Includes actually bird calls from Asheville, NC, where Bartok spent his last winter.

Bartok Concerto 3 Allegretto PLAY


Borodin Nocturne

Borodin was a full time Chemist and his friends used to say “I hope you are sick.” instead of wishing him well because it meant he could be home composing.

Borodin Nocturne PLAY


Chopin: Polonaise-Fantasy

One of Chopin’s greatest works. The distant arpeggios in the opening gradually come to the foreground as the piece develops.

Chopin Polonaise Fantasy PLAY


Chopin Prelude in B-flat minor

Alfred Cortot, a great French pianist, called this Prelude “The Race to the Abyss.

Chopin Prelude in B-flat minor PLAY


Chopin Prelude in F-sharp minor

The right hand weaves an intricate chromatic web of notes.

Chopin Prelude in F-sharp minor PLAY


Gallagher A Word

A Word is dead if it is said some say. I say it just begins to live that day. -Emily Dickinson

-Sasha Cooke mezzo-soprano


Gallagher Moths

An assignment from Sam Adler. Write a song in one sitting.

-Abby Fischer mezzo-soprano