Private Consultations

Kimball consults privately with artists on fundraising and project development, conducting sessions in person, by phone, or over skype.

    Topics include:

  • Creating a fundraising campaign
  • Developing project ideas
  • Career development
  • Home concerts
  • Finding and maintaining a successful mindset

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Private Consultation Testimonials


“Kimball has helped me see the world as a place of infinite possibility, without borders. He is a man of incredible positivity and inspiration, unlike anyone I have ever met in the music world, and has helped me immensely in clarifying and motivating me towards my career goals.”
Abigail Fischer, mezzo-soprano


“Kimball has had a tremendous positive impact on my businesses. His expertise in stewardship, diplomacy, fundraising and cultivating positive morale has contributed greatly to the rapid growth and success of his own ventures, as well as my own. Merely by observing and learning from Kimball’s style, which is at once improvisatory and unfailingly precise, I have gained valuable insights into the mindset of my customers and colleagues – which in great part has contributed to explosive growth in my own sales and client base. As an individual, Kimball is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word – inquisitive and unafraid to take risks. There is no better individual to help cultivate a new generation of creative arts entrepreneurs, for stronger, savvier thought leaders than ever before seen in the music world.”
Amanda von Goetz, Co Founder GvG Studios, Co Founder Notes on the Road


“Kimball Gallagher’s artistry has been inspirational and influential in my own career as a professional ballerina. Not only is his playing exquisitely refined, he has helped me broaden my horizons in my mindset.  On many occasions he has helped me put my thoughts in perspective and he often says things that give me flashes of insight evaporating anxiety spinning my thoughts into a positive direction and filing me with motivation and inspiration.”
Jessica Saund, Ballerina, American Ballet Theatre


“In today’s economic environment, fundraising for the arts is formidable task. In this context, the idea of raising the finances needed to purchase a Steinway grand piano for a young artist’s personal practice seems nearly impossible. However, inspired by Kimball Gallagher’s immense success in doing so, I decided to try my hand at the process. Kimball was a guiding light in the process, always there to offer advice, direction, and encouragement. He was integral in helping me formulate the primary tenets of the fundraiser and frequently spoke eloquently on my behalf. The process would not have had so much success without his insight and assistance.”
Michael Shinn, Pianist and Faculty L&M and Chamber Music Faculty, The Juilliard School