Akhet (Horizon) by Ryan Francis

Commissioned by Kimball Gallagher, Cultures in Harmony, with very special thanks for the support of Fares and Jane Zaki. American-Egyptian composer, Ryan Francis, comes home to Egypt with a piece of music based on a pharaonic text. The text is sung in Arabic.  Here is an English translation:

Egypt Beloved Country

Its fields are full of good things and it has provision for every day 
Its granaries overflow, they reach the sky.
Its ponds are full of fishes and its lakes of birds.
Its fields are green with grass and its banks bear dates.
He who lives there is happy,
And the poor man is like the great elsewher


Audio Only (better quality sound)

Pianist: Kimball Gallagher, Soprano: Dr. Neveen Alouba, Conductor: Mohammad Basha

With Bibliotheca Alexandrina Orchestra

MARCH 24, 2013, Great Hall, Bibliotech Alexandria

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