Day 1:

Just arrived in Kabul!  Weird how familiar Kabul feels from last January.  Weirder still is that there is a sewing machine in the room at the guest house.

The air quality is strikingly poor and quite suffocating.

Saw Elham and Milad the two best pianists at the school.  They came to school even though it was a weekend!  Weekends here are Thursday and Friday.  The week runs Saturday through Wednesday.

Day 2:

First day with the Winter Academy in session.
Lessons with Elham, Bilal, Milad, and Sima.  See pictures.  They have all improved so much since last year.
Began a small composition class where students will write short pieces based on the notes generated by spelling their names in music notes.
In the evening we had dinner with the world bank representatives who support ANIM.    Memorable performance from Irfan Khan, a master Sarod player.
It snowed all day!
Day 3:
Many students didn’t come to school.  Had some food poisoning and couldn’t wait to get back to the guest house.  Ate nothing but a piece of bread all day. Went to sleep at 4:30pm!

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